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Our master blender has created two new blends of tobacco from all natural Burley and Virginia tobacco leaves. Tobacco just as God made it. This is whole leaf tobacco, cured and redried to a moisture level that sustains the flavor and durability.

Just as Starbucks grinds its coffee beans in the store to make a better cup of coffee, you can ensue freshness and increase your smoking pleasure by shredding your own tobacco leaves just before you create your tobacco enjoyment

A Person making a tobacco product from raw tobacco is exempt unde the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. United States Code: Title 26, Sub Title E, Chapter 52, Subchapter A, 5702 defines Tobacco products as cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, Pipe Tobacco, and roll- your-own-tobacco.

Your most important right as an American Smoker

You have a personal manufacturing exemption:



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Natural Tobacco

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