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-If you smoke, you should smoke all natural tobacco. The introduction of Blended and Redried Whole Tobacco leaves.

Tobacco is a crop and the harvest is enjoyment. As with any* crop, the closer to the field, the more natural the product. 

Just as there is a movement toward natural and organic foods, there is a movement toward natural and organic foods, there is a movement toward smoking all natural tobacco. We are leading that movement. 


Companies that make branded products try to make every product identical. Nature doesn't operate that way. Every tobacco leaf is different. Every tobacco crop is different.


In the middle of the 20th Century, to achieve uniformity, cigarette manufacturers began using chemical additives to try to imporve on Mother Nature. What used to be achieved by blending different tobaccos is now achieved through chemistry.


We believe if you smoke, you should smoke tobacco without additives. We want to get you back to the tobacco field and the tobacco farmer, not to the chemistry lab and the chemist. 

Our Master Blender combines the leaves of different varieties of tobacco plants that will create flavor and uniformity when smoked. The tobacco leaves are cured and then redried. Redrying is necessary to store tobacco. Tobacco leaves shatter when their moisture level is below 12%. Tobacco tends to mold above 16% moisture. Redrying is done by drying the leaves and then remoisterizing them to about 12% of their weight. Smokin tobacco that has not been redried and has been stored may expose a smoker to ingesting mold spores. Smoking cured tobacco that has not been redried tends to create a harsh taste. 

Our whole tobacco leaves have been expertly selected, cured, redried and blended so that you can make cigarettes that are all natural and pleasing to your taste. We've kept your tobacco as close to the field and the farmer as possible. 

Cigarette companies may be able to use chemicals to fool Mother Nature. You shouldn't let them fool you. Get back to the field and smoke natural whole tobacco leaves.

* The tobacco crop is monitored by the Department of Agriculture, the USDA. The FDA regulates cigarettes with additives. 

-We buy tobacco that proud farmers proclaim is "just good tobacco"

  • A Boveda 2Way Moisture Control Packet In Each Bag

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  • Closer to the Field


Natural Tobacco

  • Guaranteed Redried

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